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Share my Qurbani with local families in need

Help feed the less fortunate in our local communities – make them a part of your Eid

Our mission is to help people share their Qurbani with the needy and vulnerable in our local communities. We are a network of volunteers helping to connect members of the public, butchers, mosques, community hubs and local welfare organisations – putting processes in place to enable the organisations to receive and distribute donated Qurbani meat to the less fortunate in our neighbourhoods.

Over 8,700 Kg of meat shared at Eid-ul-Adha since 2018

Helping to feed over 30,000 people

Supporting local foodbanks and welfare organisations

How can I ShareMyQurbani?


We currently have teams in place to help collect and distribute your Qurbani in:

More locations are under development so please continue to check back regularly.

Why ShareMyQurbani

Qurbani is an important part of the Islamic religion. Qurbani means sacrifice, and all muslims who are financially able are encouraged to offer a Qurbani at this sacred time of year (Islamic month of Dhu-al-Hijjah). This serves as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was prepared to make for the sake of Allah.

Qurbani gives us an opportunity to reflect on the blessings we have been bestowed with, and in following the guidance of how the meat from a sacrificed animal should be consumed, it serves to remind us of those less fortunate than us and our duty to ensure they are looked after.

We are guided to keep a portion of the meat to eat ourselves, share a portion with our wider families and neighbours, and share a portion with the needy and vulnerable amongst us. Traditionally this is interpreted as equal portions of 1/3 each.

Often we are unaware that we have people in dire need on our doorsteps, or even if we do know of them, we have no idea how to get a share of our Qurbani to them. This is why many people choose to send money overseas for a Qurbani to be offered in their name, and distributed amongst the needy.  We at ShareMyQurbani feel that whilst it is important to continue to support those in need in poorer countries, it is also important to ensure that Muslims in the UK continue the tradition of Qurbani locally, particularly the sharing of a portion with the needy. This helps to strengthen our communities and ensures our traditions of caring for the less fortunate amongst us are preserved for our future generations.

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